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Fall Course Begins on September 9, 2020

When Love is Not Enough


The Couples College will move online until further notice, to support efforts for maintaining social distancing. For private individual or couples therapy, Tele-mental Health sessions are available. Reach out to us --  therapy does not have to happen face-to-face.

Marriage Counseling Can Start Immediately

Serious tension in your relationship can be frightening and isolating, and you may feel that you need help right now.

Both Murray and Allie are seasoned, licensed therapists who offer individual and couples marriage counseling for partners who either cannot delay or are not ready to take the ten-month Couples College course.

How will you know what's right for you?

Free 15-Minute Phone Consultation

It's hard to make this decision alone. Reach out to Allie and Murray for a brief, free phone consultation. They will be able to provide insights on what will work best for you and your relationship.


Allie Caffyn


Allie works privately with couples, individuals and groups to create a safe, authentic and caring environment while acting as a guide.

With Allie's guidance, couples and individuals will:

  • Find ways to create more satisfaction, fulfillment and joy in relationships and life
  • Learn to create and sustain happiness
  • Learn how intimate relationships really work and how to create that with partners, friends, family and even at work
  • Understand why past history can impact and influence current behavior and success in the relationship
  • Explore the unique relationship with the body, memory and how trauma is stored in the body
  • Learn to recognize and be responsible for unsuccessful patterns and develop behavior changes that improve coping and connection with others

Allie specializes in working with couples and adult individuals on:

  • depression, anxiety, panic attacks
  • marriage & relationship issues - fighting, loneliness, resentment
  • affair recovery
  • death, divorce, loss
  • career/life transition
  • managing stress
  • gender and sexuality issues
  • trauma repair
  • women's empowerment
  • attachment injuries

Murray Dabby


Murray works privately with couples and individuals, and offers group therapy.  

Trained in social therapy, Murray finds this powerful relational and group approach that supports development, assertiveness, and honesty as well as dealing with depression, anxiety, relationship difficulties, trauma history and other life challenges.

Teens & Families
Murray has a long history working with teens, and working with families to develop parenting approaches that are more effective for communicating and supporting children to grow. He offers therapy, parental and adolescent coaching and occasionally runs groups for teens.

Social Anxiety, Shyness and Trauma
Murray runs a specialized group utilizing improv and performance to help people overcome the disabling effects over social anxiety and body trauma with play and fun. See

Murray works with individuals and couples privately on:

  • depression, anxiety and panic
  • relationship issues such as anger, loneliness, isolation
  • social anxiety
  • problems with drugs and alcohol
  • past trauma
  • managing stress
  • life transition and career coaching
  • recovery from affairs

Make a Date to Talk to Allie

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Make a Date to Talk to Murray

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Therapy isn't always face-to-face.

Both Allie and Murray are happy to work with clients via email, phone or web cam (Zoom or Doxy, for example). Don't let the inability to travel to a therapist's office stop you and your partner from creating the relationship you crave.


If you're a team, you are welcome at The Couples College