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Posts by Allison Caffyn, LPC

Create a Mutual Admiration Society

We’ve all heard the phrase “the honeymoon is over”, meaning that the relationship has settled into something of a routine.  When that happens, couples can begin to feel that they’ve lost connection with each other. Remembering what we fell in love with in the first place can change that. In just a few minutes, you can…

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Five Keys to Building a Great Relationship

Whether you’re celebrating new love by getting engaged or looking for ways to reconnect to your partner after years together, there are five critical connection points that will get you closer to a lifetime of happiness. The Couples College deepens the conversation around these five critical connection points: Make time for each other Engage in…

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Annual Relationship Review

As you look over the last 12 months, what relationship practices would you keep and which would you let go of for the future? This video was created for reflection on 2018 and looking ahead to 2019, but it works for any “year”. Murray & Allie discuss making relationship plans together, to set off on…

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Feeling Clumsy in Your Partnership

keep working on relationship after you stumble

In a group couples’ session last week, part of our conversation was about how to stay committed to working on your relationship when you’re clumsy. Trying to improve your partnership often begins with therapy and learning a lot of new skills, but in those moments where you’re feeling a lot of strong emotion, anger, frustration…

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