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An affair! Can our relationship survive?

The feelings of betrayal have the power to doom a relationship immediately -- before there is any chance for conversation or potential recovery.

Relationships can survive infidelity but it takes effort from both partners. It is challenging to work through this to recovery on your own.


Infidelity doesn't have to mean the end of the relationship


Partners who are dealing with the aftermath of an affair must work through feelings of betrayal, confusion and loss of trust, and then come to grips with whether they want to work through the issues together, or whether they want to let go of the partnership and move on.

The Couples College curriculum will provide relationship tools that keep partnerships fresh, engaging and passionate, so that the typical temptations are less likely to arise.

But if the infidelity is suspected or discovered, immediate couples counseling may be the best choice. Counseling provides a framework for intervention that will help couples decide how to move ahead.


Do You Suspect Infidelity?

There's no easy answer for this very serious threat to a relationship. There are five stages of recovery necessary for a relationship to survive and thrive after an affair. 

Work on Your Relationship Together

Start now - with Counseling

When you feel desperate for change, or when you're thinking of leaving

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