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Get it Right from Day One

"My parents had a messy divorce. We are getting married next year, and my partner and I don't want to wind up like my parents. Is it too soon to consider counseling?"

Learn the art of being partners, in good times and bad.

Damaged by Infidelity

"My partner has been unfaithful. I still love them and we both want to make our marriage work, but I don't know if anything can help."

Learn to trust again.

The Spark is Gone

"My partner and I have been together for 10+ years. Between raising kids, having jobs and caring for aging parents, we have lost our connection with each other. Is this all there I have to look forward to?"

Find your inner newlywed.

Constant Fighting

"My partner and I fight about everything - it's like we don't have any common ground any more. I don't know how to just have a conversation.?"

Learn to recognize common ground.

How Do I Tell Them?

"I am really struggling with the way my partner discounts my feelings.  I don't know how to tell them it hurts me."

Learn to hear and be heard.