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Stop Fighting in My Office!
Managing Conflict In Session

February 22, 2019

9:30 am to 12:45 pm

3103 Clairmont Rd
Suite B (MHC Services)
Atlanta, GA  30329

2/22/2019 Workshop Registration

Workshop Details

Led by Murray Dabby, LCSW

When you feel like yelling “Stop!” at the couple in your office who are arguing…again

When the couple in your office won’t let you help them because they won’t stop fighting

This workshop will give you the tools and skills to manage embattled couples in your session. Didactic, discussion, supervision, exercises and video examples will be used.

Workshop Goals:

  • Identify and name hidden agendas that already exist in the relationship
  • Understand why negative sentiment and poor communication skills create attack-defend cycles
  • Stop an attack-defend cycle in the session and teach your clients how to stop it at home
  • Set boundaries so the couple can hear each other and you
  • Teach positive sentiment and its value to conflict

3 CEU Credits