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The Power to Move Stuck Couples

Friday, June 14, 2019
9:30 am to 12:45 pm


3103 Clairmont Road
Suite B (MHCS Services)
Atlanta, GA 30329

6/14/2019 Workshop Registration

Workshop Details

Led by Murray Dabby, LCSW

Seeing the Difference between Normal Conflict and Significant Distress in Couples Therapy

As couples therapists, we often face the challenge of recognizing what is a permanent issue for the couple and what is movable through compromise and simple behavioral change in partnership. Without this perspective, we can get caught up in offering potential solutions and advice that won’t work. The work can become circular, stuck and frustrating both for the therapist and the couple. Learning to identify what is normal conflict as distinct from significant distress is critical to help clients move beyond the gridlock they experience. This workshop will draw on the research and practice of John and Julie Gottman, as well as the work of Terry Real.

Workshop Goals:

  • Understand the difference between distress vs conflict
  • Identify people with abusive behavior problems
  • Understand what is an ongoing chronic pattern in partnership based on values, beliefs, family history
  • Understand what is movable conflict that behavioral changes and compromise will resolve

3 CEU credits