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The Power of Friendship First

Reducing Risk for Divorce in Couples Therapy

Friday, November 9, 2018
9:30 am to 12:45 pm

3103 Clairmont Road
Suite B (MHCS Services)
Atlanta, GA 30329

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Workshop Details

Led by  Murray Dabby LCSW

One of the mistakes we make as therapists when dealing with couples in conflict is to insufficiently evaluate the strength of friendship. Based on John Gottman’s work, treating conflict without first addressing friendship frequently leaves the couple and the therapist frustrated and the process unmoved or leads to divorce. In order for couples to successfully work together, individuals need to feel a sense of being liked, influential, understood, respected and cared for. Without this, the couple may be experiencing negative sentiment; they don’t recognize any thing good in their partner, they see the relationship as toxic or harmful, and partners feel continual distrust and a sense of betrayal about their dream of relationship. In addition, the attempts to work on conflict without friendship is potentially harmful to the relationship and stalls therapy.  
Workshop Goals:
  • Understand the foundation of friendship as a precondition for dealing with couples in distress
  • Understand the signs that friendship is no longer functioning in partnership
  • Teach couples the importance of friendship as a tool for overcoming or tempering marital issues
  • Gain skills for reigniting friendship, admiration and affection, and learning the power of being influential in partnership

3 CEU Credits