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Working with Couple's Resistance to Therapeutic Change

Friday, March 22, 2019
9:30 am to 4:00 pm

3103 Clairmont Road
Suite B (MHC Services)
Atlanta, GA 30329

3/22/19 Workshop Registration

Workshop Details

Led by Allison Caffyn, LPC

All therapists work with resistance, but in couples therapy identifying and stopping resistance is the difference between marriages and partnerships succeeding or failing. Couples come to therapy deeply entrenched in negative thoughts, behaviors and beliefs that harm relationships and create unstable, painful experiences that damage trust and commitment. The goal of this class is to help therapists identify resistance quickly, educate the couple on how it's harming connection and intimacy and create a safe and supportive container for healing and change.

A couple's resistance to change can be the doorway to the deepest work work where transformation can occur. When therapists work with this moment effectively it becomes one of the therapists' most powerful tools. It can transform couples' behavior, conflict style, increase relationship resiliency, intimacy, sexuality and relational esteem.

Workshop Goals:

  • Learning to evaluate couples' resistance
    • How it feels, what is the couples' negative dance and how to address it
    • Understanding the power of early assessment for the therapist and the couple
  • Identifying personality and conflict styles that are non-relational and teaching clients personal insight, accountability and boundaries
  • Exploring past and present attachment injuries, teaching clients the effect of these on the relationship and how to heal them
  • Exploring hidden agendas

5 CEU Credits