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  • Does This Feel Like Gridlock?

    Consider each statement below and choose TRUE or FALSE for each

  • TrueFalse
    The same problems keep coming up again and again in our relationship
    We rarely make much progress on our central issues
    We keep hurting each other whenever we discuss our core issues
    I feel criticized and misunderstood when we discuss our hot topics
    My partner has a long list of basically unreasonable demands
    I often keep quiet and withdraw to avoid stirring up too much conflict
    What I say in our discussions rarely has much effect
    I feel put down in our discussions of key issues
    I can't really be myself in this relationship
    I often think that my partner is manipulating me
    Sometimes I think that my partner doesn't care about my feelings
    There are some basic faults in my partner's personality that they will not change
    When we discuss our issues, my partner acts as if I am totally wrong and they are totally right
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