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Would your practice benefit from learning new techniques for individuals and couples therapy?

The Couples College offers continuing education (CEU) workshops for counselors on topics important for working successfully with couples.

The Power to Move Stuck Couples

Seeing the Difference between Normal Conflict and Significant Distress in Couples Therapy

Led by Murray Dabby, LCSW

As couples therapists, we often face the challenge of recognizing what is a permanent issue for the couple and what is movable through compromise and simple behavioral change in partnership. Without this perspective, we can get caught up in offering potential solutions and advice that won’t work. The work can become circular, stuck and frustrating both for the therapist and the couple. Learning to identify what is normal conflict as distinct from significant distress is critical to help clients move beyond the gridlock they experience. This workshop will draw on the research and practice of John and Julie Gottman, as well as the work of Terry Real.

Workshop Goals:

  • Understand the difference between distress vs conflict
  • Identify people with abusive behavior problems
  • Understand what is an ongoing chronic pattern in partnership based on values, beliefs, family history
  • Understand what is movable conflict that behavioral changes and compromise will resolve

Sign up now for the next workshop:
Friday, June 14, 2019
9:30 am to 12:45 pm

Workshop Cost:
$80 early registration (by May 31)
$95 (after May 31)

3 CEU credits

Attendees Share Their Thoughts

You are a true inspiration and have a wealth of expertise in this area! I'm so grateful you're sharing with others.

-Kerry, LPC

So well organized and relevant, applicable and interesting. Presenters were passionate and gifted teachers. Helpful both personally and professionally. 

So refreshing to meet local therapists who are knowledgeable and experienced. Learned so much. If you're willing to offer supervision in Gottman therapy again, lots of therapists will sign up!

-Mary, LPC

Highly involving, focused, competent trainers present material you can immediately use to enhance your work. Excellent training, whether you are a new clinician or have seen couples for years.

-John, MSW

As a therapist fairly new to couples work I found this workshop educational on how to structure work with couples and the impact of diagnosis on couples work. Thank you.

Corlette, social worker

I would recommend this workshop. The presenters were outstanding. I would love to come to anything else they might have in the future

- Sandy, psychotherapist

The knowledge of Murray and Allie was great, I would tell people to take this workshop and learn.

- Helen, psychotherapist

Lots of info in a short time.  I wish I would have done the longer course.

Hands on direct materials that I can bring to the couples with whom I work, yes I recommend!

- Lauren, counselor

I have been to many workshops over the years and this one was one of the best! I am excited to learn such simple and innovative ideas to use with my clients. I look forward to more offerings from you.


This was very informative and helpful even for my own marriage.

Very interesting, practical and useful. Great examples. Handouts were great. The handouts that are exercises to use with couples are very informative.

Excellent content. Great review in doings couples therapy. The Couples College is a very useful resource in a therapeutic environment where it is difficult to find therapists and training to refer couples to.

- Jack, psychotherapist and minister

Presenters were great and gave me a lot to think about

- Lois, social worker

Yes, would recommend this workshop to others. Enjoyed the presenters personable, self-disclosing style.

-Tori,  couples counselor

Great session! The presenters were great communicators, interesting, knowledgeable, humorous and engaging. Great practical and applicable information will use with married and unmarried couples right away.

-  Mary, Marriage and Family Therapist

New perspective when working with couples and it helped me for my own personal relationship.

- Stella, LPC