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  • Is this disconnection normal in relationships?

    Are you feeling long periods of disconnection in your partnership? Are there fewer and fewer opportunities or attempts at reaching out to one another for affection and friendship?

    This experience can produce a deep sense of loneliness in the relationship, along with a sense that you two are living separate lives, operating as less of a team.

  • Consider each statement and rate how often you feel this way.
    NeverRarelyOn OccasionOftenExtremely Often
    I find myself disappointed in this relationship
    I am lonely in this relationship
    I have learned to expect less from my partner
    It is hard for my deepest feelings to get much attention in this relationship
    I can't say that we are very good friends right now.
    We don't talk very deeply to each other.
    I try to avoid saying things I will later regret.
    I feel like I have to be so careful, like walking on eggshells.
    There is not much romance in this relationship.
    Suddenly, I find I have said the wrong thing.
    There is not much intimacy in this relationship right now.
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