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When Love Is Not Enough: A Workshop on Partnering For Life

Discover why Murray & Allie created "When Love is Not Enough"

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This course is designed to teach the skills and techniques necessary to become healthy life partners.

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Course Goals:

  • Turn a negative home environment into one where fondness, admiration and love are the norm.

  • Learn the skills to fight fairly and constructively. De-escalate conflict and reframe resentment so it leads to growth for both of you.

  • Learn to understand each other’s worlds....What excites us, brings us joy and helps us feel connected.

  • Create a partnership where each person’s dreams, goals and aspirations are respected, understood and honored.

  • Understand the power of "we" in making room for the legacies, values and rituals each person brings to the relationship.

  • Explore sexual intimacy. How often are we having sex? Is it enough? How do you get the sex you want?

  • Learn to maintain intimacy in a busy world with a busy life.

Course Structure

  • Meets once per month
  • Couples use the interval between meetings to practice the skills they learn
  • Maximum 15 couples per class


Course Commitment

  • Your participation represents a commitment to the curriculum and the process to build a successful partnership.
  • If you commit to the course, you are responsible for the associated fees, whether you attend or not.
  • Please make every effort to protect the meeting times for the course. It is important to respect your intention to improve your partnership and to keep family or business obligations from interfering with that intention.

Course Cost

Standard 10-month Course (begins in September each year)

QuickStart Course (begins in February each year)

Course Location

The course will be offered online if social distancing requirements are still in place in September, 2020.

If restrictions are lifted, a location will be listed here.

Our Participants Share Their Insights

The Couples College has been an excellent investment of time and money. We learned so much about ourselves as individuals and as partners and what we bring to the table. Sharing these insights with each other and the group has been invaluable. I will definitely recommend this course to others. 


-- Stephanie 

Really appreciate the depth and breadth of the conversations; brought so much clarity of how to be a "good" partner. 

--Stephanie, attorney 

Sydney and I have been married now for almost a year. We took your 10 month course prior to because we were in love, had a child prior to our marriage, and wanted to know how to work together to be at our best when we were faced with challenges.

Your course sincerely reinforced our positive attributes together and also taught us new ways to handle common issues that happen to most couples—including us!

Instead of fielding our issues with our own precognitions, we are now able to draw on your research based, proven methods to work through challenges and strengthen our relationship in the process.

All told, there is no price we could put on stability, resilience, and the knowledge that most couples have similar challenges to others and there are proven ways to work through them as a team.

--Sydney & Chad

I left a marriage that failed because neither of us were able to be intimate, so that over time we grew apart until eventually we were in a lifeless relationship that existed solely to raise our children, and in which we were both emotionally dead.  I did not want to repeat this in my next relationship, and so my new partner and I came to Couples College to work on the skills required to be in intimate relationship with each other at the beginning of our relationship.  Over the ten months of the class we learned and practiced techniques and skills that were invaluable, and we really benefited from the conversation with other class participants of our respective experiences.  This was a completely invaluable class.  I can think of two or three separate occasions working on exercises with my partner in the class itself when we had blinding "Aha!" moments and saw clearly what was underneath what promised to be persistent problems in our relationship.  Of course we had many other moments like this when working together on our homework.  Seeing through our issues and potential issues with such clarity and cultivating the skills to talk and stay in relationship through them are wonderful gifts, and we both offer our enormous gratitude to the designers and instructors, Allie and Murray.


This class properly identifies issues that many relationships endure and gives proven techniques of how to work through those challenges together as a couple acting for the betterment of the relationship.
- Chad, married 5 years

Class has been a catalyst to our relationship working.

- Christine, married 5 years

It's one of the most practical and effective workshops I've ever done.

- Lorena, Therapist, married 32 years 

By attending this workshop you will absolutely learn more about your partner and will understand more about why something is or isn’t working in your relationship.

- Christina,  psychotherapist,  lesbian partnership

Murray and Allie taught me that a successful relationship is not defined by each of us having stopped all the things that made the other mad. It's knowing how to kindly respond when someone messes up.

Excellent guide to relationship, eye opening

- Gwen, social worker, 1 year partnered, trying to figure the future out 

I think every couple before marriage should take this class. Our arguments declined and we were able to bounce back.

- Meg, teacher, married 6 years

I understand why I need to control my frustration with my partner and be more patient in helping him understand my perspective.

This class helped implement great exercises and practices for our marriage. I will make an honest effort to really focus using "I" instead of "U" conflict can be great, it's just how you do it.

- Sydney, married  3 years

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