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Partnership Skills Group for Men

Relationships for men can be challenging. We often enter committed partnership filled with love, hope and great expectations for a happy life. However over time, it is not uncommon for distance from our partner to occur, and we may become task driven in our work, or lose some of our passion in relationship. This is common in partnership. Sometimes we may feel powerless within our own marriage to change this, not knowing how to navigate creating more intimacy and connection in a relationship. Research shows that men who learn how to be good at partnership communication, ultimately lead much happier lives.

This group is for helping men develop more expertise in their relationship with their partners. With over 30 years of experience as a relationship expert, Murray Dabby will guide you through the often poorly navigated journey of partnership.

Come talk about the challenges in an environment that is fun, non-judgmental and supportive. Learn the secrets to a healthier and happier partnership. Develop new skills and connect with other men who are also struggling with the similar issues.

Murray Dabby explains the Men's Group

Here are some of the topics the group will consider:

  • How to share and concerns and frustrations with your partner that build connection
  • How to be open and honest when the risks feel high
  • Dealing with angry outbursts (our own or others) and other toxic emotions
  • Understanding the important differences between men and women
  • How to say “no” to your partner without hurting them
  • How to develop emotional intelligence
  • Building open, loving, respectful relationships
  • Understanding your personal history and vulnerabilities

Group Structure

  • Meets once per month for four months (March, 2020 through June, 2020)
  • Meets the first Tuesday of the month, beginning March 3
  • Maximum 10 men per group

Course Commitment

  • Your participation represents a commitment to the group and the process to develop new skills for thriving in your partnership
  • If you commit to the group, you are responsible for the associated fees, whether you attend or not.
  • Please make every effort to protect the meeting times for the group. It is important to respect your intention to improve your partnership and to keep family or business obligations from interfering with that intention.

Course Cost

  • $90 per person per month
  • $90 deposit holds your space in the group

Course Location

  • 1758B Century Boulevard, Atlanta, GA  30345
  • Just off I-85 at Clairmont Road

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Your Next Step: Pay $90 deposit to hold your place in the group.