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The Couples College Graduate Circle

In May, upon completion of the ten-month Couples College Course, graduates are invited into the Graduate Circle.

The Graduate Circle is a therapy group that supports couples in continuing to strengthen and heal their partnership.

We are pleased to say that at least 50 percent of our clients continue with us in the Graduate Circle.

Why continue?

  • As they say, “Old habits die hard,” and backsliding into old behaviors is common
  • Talking to and being with a community of other couples helps to normalize and get support around common problems
  • Making lasting change takes time and support
  • The Graduate Circle is a loving and supportive community committed to lasting and loving long-term partnerships
  • Having the opportunity to explore deeper themes -- money, sex, parenting, intimacy and connection issues, power struggles, the effect of childhood wounds
  • Getting ongoing healing as couples deal with past injuries in their families of origin or in their current relationship

Is the format the same?

No. The Couples College course was just that -- a defined curriculum covered in a specific order.

In the Graduate Circle, we create a relationship therapy group where couples receive practical guidance for real situations. Greater emotional support and the power of relationship will help couples continue to grow and mature. The guidance can come from other couples as well as from Allie and Murray.

Graduate Circle Meeting Structure

  • Every other month:  October, December, February, April, June
  • Two-hour sessions
  • Cost:  $250 per couple, per session
  • Two Circles
    • First Tuesday of the month
    • First Wednesday of the month

If you commit to the Graduate Circle, you are responsible for the associated fees, whether you attend or not.

After a year in the Graduate Circle, a couple shared this:

  • The discipline of coming every quarter keeps us focused on working on our relationship and gives us a regular check-in point
  • The collective wisdom of the group provides incredibly rich conversation and support
  • Hearing other couples going through the same "stuff" gives relevance and immediacy to the conversation
  • Every time we take away something new and unexpected
  • We are much more intentional about our relationship
  • We are more resilient to external stresses
  • We are much better able to deal with recovering from mistakes

Choose the challenge in your relationship

Why do we fight so much?
Can we recover from infidelity?
Why are we drifting apart?
Are we truly right for each other?
How can I explain this?