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Is it time to refer an individual or couple in your care to The Couples College Course?

It can be very helpful to send a couple to The Couples College for the 10-month course while you are working with them privately.

You'll know when it could be valuable to suggest The Couples College:

  • The couple is stuck in gridlock and you are struggling to move them
  • You see animosity and dissatisfaction without improvement over time
  • The couple is escalating and you feel you need added support

The curriculum with The Couples College is collaborative -- it does not interfere with private work.

Is it time to seek supervision?

If you'd prefer to work with your client with supervision, reach out to Murray or Allie.

Cost is $150 hour.

Can The Couples College Support You with Your Clients?

Allie Caffyn and Murray Dabby will be happy to discuss how their relationship tools can support your work with individuals and couples: through the full Couples College Curriculum, through supervision or through private sessions.