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Working with Difficult Couples:
Consultation Group

Our couples therapy consultation group meets the first Friday of each month from 10am to noon.

The group is designed for therapists who want to improve their skills in couples therapy. Our focus is on all the different issues therapists struggle with when working with couples, from the most challenging to smaller but equally important. Our goal is to help therapists to gain competence and skill no matter what they encounter.

The group runs from February through June and September through January.


The next group begins Friday, September 7, 2018.

The group is limited to 10 participants. This is a committed group and participants are responsible for the full cost of the series whether they attend or not.

The consultation group is for:

  • Psychologists
  • Social workers
  • Marriage and family therapists
  • LPC's and counselors
  • Pastoral counselors

This group will help you

  1. Access a couples chances of staying together and of being happy
  2. Choose assessment tools that create higher success and create more control and clarity for the therapist.
  3. Understand the right steps for working with, educating and healing from affairs.
  4. How to quickly deescalate conflict in the office and at home
  5. Changing resentment and past injury from struggle to feelings of empowerment and strength.
  6. How to rebuild intimacy, connection and sexuality and its long term power.
  7. Understanding the value of healthy boundaries and therapeutic control when working with couples.
  8. A space for therapists to share their feelings, struggles and fears with other caring professionals.
  9. Create your business container for how you work with couples so boundaries and respect are in place for you and your client.
  10. Understanding when you need to refer a couple, rather than treat them yourself.

We use a case presentation format. You will have the opportunity to discuss some of your challenges with the leader and other participants. Get feedback, role play, and learn effective skills. We all learn when we share. We utilize the work of Gottman therapy, Terry Real, Susan Johnson and sex therapist Tammy Nelson.

The cost is $75.00 per two-hour meeting and each participant commits to the entire five-meeting series and is responsible for payment even if they miss. If you are interested in private consultation a one-hour session is $150.00.

To talk, find out more or see if this is right for you professionally, call Allison Caffyn, LPC at 404-312-8880.

Get in Touch to Learn More

Allie Caffyn will be happy to discuss whether group access or private sessions are a better choice.